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Top Apps for Kids Includes Angry Birds

By dadsplay at June 11, 2011 | 11:11 am | 0 Comment

Top Apps for Kids Includes Angry Birds

Angry Birds.  Have you heard of this app for kids?  Actually it’s not only for kids, adults love it too and it is really addictive.  The premise?  Shoot birds from slingshots and try to get the bad green pigs that have stolen their eggs.

Yes, it’s a mindless game, but a cute one.  And it is sooo amazing that even little 3 year olds can figure out, intuitively, how to play all these mobile apps and kids online games.  It really blows my mind.  What were you doing at age 3?  Certainly not anything tech oriented!

But check it out … there’s a reason Angry Birds is so popular.

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Best iphone Apps for Kids

By dadsplay at September 28, 2010 | 11:58 pm | 0 Comment

Best iphone Apps for Kids

There are many, many apps now available for the iPhone and quite a few are geared towards parents with preschool children.  Some are geared towards fun entertainment and others are educational.  We will review some of these apps on a regular basis, letting you know about some of our recommendations.

Here are our Best Kids Apps picks this week.

FirstWords Animals by Learning Touch

Push the letters into place and the animals spring into action! FirstWords Animals provides endless fun for the toddlers in your life, all while giving your child a head start on learning their letters, creating words, and associating those words with familiar objects.

Glow Doodle

It’s a very simple yet fun app where you can draw a picture with your fingers on the touch screen of either an iPhone or iPod touch and your drawing will appear (and light up!)  on the screen.Use colors red, yellow, green or blue and then click “Glow” and watch your drawing light up.  iTunes store

Shake the Farm

Shake the farm is an interactive way for any toddler to learn about farm animal names and their individual sounds as they shake from one animal to another. As each animal appears on screen, vibrating to indicate change, the animal sound plays followed by their English name so the child can laugh and learn all the different types of animals on a farm.

Faces iMake

With Faces iMake you can create fun faces out of everyday stuff. A banana for a mouth. Lettuce for hair. Toy wheels for eyes. Through Hanoch’s work, Faces iMake inspires and empowers people to make art in a highly accessible way.  2010 MEDIA OF THE YEAR AWARD  iTunes Store

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