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Try Geocaching for some Adventurous Fun

By dadsplay at September 28, 2010 | 12:09 pm | 0 Comment

Try Geocaching for some Adventurous Fun

I am the guy that needs to get out and be active.  Even when my daughter was only a few days old, I started to feel the need to get out and do something outdoors.   Now that my kids are both in school I love taking them to go hiking, swimming at the beach, and  Geocaching (sometimes called Geotracking).

If you have never been Geocaching, it is basically a world wide system of Treasure Hunting or Hide and Seek.  There is a website with thousands of geotracking locations.  You find one near you and enter the coordinates into a portable GPS system. Once you are nearby the coordinates, you begin hunting for the hiding spot where you will find a small box or other container and in it are little trinkets others have left.  You take something out and put something else back in.

My girls and even my nephews have the best time when we go exploring and for the kids the best part is the unexpected little treasure they get to pick out of the box.  Sometimes the weather is great when we go, but other times we come back muddy, wet and dirty as the fields or parks can sometimes get muddy if it has rained.

Hey Geocaching is a great adventure that gets you, and your kids outside and active and it gives you chance to spend some quality time with your kids.

Go to to learn more, and to find a location to find near you.

The other cool thing is no matter where you visit in the world there are geocaches hidden all over you can find.

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